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Executive Resume Writer, Resume Writing Services, Career Coach, LinkedIn ProFinder Consultant: Professor Nez

Career Coach, Resume Writer, Resume Writing Services, LinkedIn Expert, Career Development, Career Strategy and LinkedIn ProFinder Top Consultant Professor Nez at your services.

Please watch the video below as I go in depth with my process and how I operate. Please don't overlook the testimonials and reviews below as well. I have the most current on LinkedIn out of any Executive Career Coach and Resume Writer. I am more than happy to set up a complimentary phone conference for 15 minutes to discuss your situation and answer any questions. 

Click the "BOOK NOW" button below to peruse the offers we provide. We have multiple services at various price points. In order to book a consultation simply click on the service that fits your needs and select your own preferred day and time. Thank you and I look forward to serving you! 

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  1. How can you finish my resume and LinkedIn in just a one hour consultation?

    A: When you book a consultation with me, the work begins immediately. I have an analytics team I work with and we put in hours of work prior to our consultation (and post depending on the service you pick). We implement field research, industry research, resume architecture, keyword optimization and more… By the time we actually meet, 75% of the work is complete. It will be you and I going through everything, personally in the virtual meeting, making sure we are both 100% satisfied that you have a finished product. You are not paying for one hour of work, but many many hours and over 28+ years of exemplary service.

  2. What is the turnaround time?

    A: As soon as the consultation is finished you will have a finished, submittable product. Before it’s over actually, I will send you the finished resume and career resources right before your very own eyes in the virtual conference. (See above answer for more details)

  3. Do you have testimonials and reviews from people who have actually gotten results from your services? And may I contact them?

    A: Absolutely, and absolutely - I would implore you to contact them anytime you wish. You can find testimonials and recommendations from former clients on the ‘Testimonials’ Tab at the very top of this page on the right, or go directly to my LinkedIn profile page for all the latest and most recent reviews and recommendations (I have over 160+) by clicking right here and scrolling down to the bottom of my profile to see them all. You can directly message and contact any of my previous clients conveniently through LinkedIn.

  4. How does the LinkedIn part work? Do I give you my password and you do it yourself?

    A: As a professional who values his relationship with LinkedIn and his own personal ethics and reputation, I would never ask for a clients’ password for two reasons. One: It is a breach of the terms of service for the platform and could potentially warrant a lifetime ban from LinkedIn. Two: And maybe the most important reason I won’t ask you for your password, It does not sit right with me to accrue a password or even ask for a password from a client on a professional level. I know there are a lot of services that are willing to do that, but I am not one of them. Something not right about that on so many levels. How it works is, when we are in the virtual conference I will walk you through exactly what needs to be changed on your LinkedIn profile to give you the most prominent opportunities and professional brand through screen-share. Depending on the service you select, I also construct and compose a lot of the branding elements before hand and we comprehensively apply those elements together in a decisive, simple manner.

  5. What is the sponsored promotion to 20,000 connections? How does that work?

    A: When you contract my services you will become a part of my network and that is valuable in itself because I am a LinkedIn influencer with over 20,000 connections and followers. These are real people, not bought, and I worked very hard for the past twelve years on this platform to build my brand the right way. My connections are mostly comprised of top industry professionals in multiple industries, in short - decision makers in their respective fields and organizations. The sponsored promotion works like this: I will construct a marketing campaign, with carefully crafted copy, sponsoring you, boosting you to my network of 20K+ acting as if I am a headhunter, granting you much valued exposure to the marketplace. This is a huge edge over the competitive landscape. A great majority of my clients have connected with and been hired through this endorsement alone without having to cold email or cold apply. You will also get tagged in the post.

  6. What does the introduction to network of 20,000 industry professionals entail? How does that work?

    A: I have been on the LinkedIn platform since 2007 and pride myself on building REAL, actual relationships with top industry professionals as well as a rock solid brand on LinkedIn garnering over 20K followers. These are all real people, real connections. When you contract my services you will be connected with me and a part of my network. This will allow you to see who I am connected with that may be of benefit to you. I am more than happy to connect and introduce you to anyone that would be advantageous for you. 89% of my connections on LinkedIn are decision makers at their company. This is a huge value add. For example, if you see that I am connected to someone that is a part of an organization or company that you desire to work for, having me as a connector gives you an edge over the competition.

  7. If I have follow up questions or just want to contact you regarding something after our consultation is that allowed or do you charge for that?

    A: Most services will charge for follow up but I like to build long term relationships with my clients and will follow up with them and welcome them to follow up with me anytime, so I do not charge for that whatsoever. Within reason of course ;)