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Struggling to grow your business or advance your career?

It starts with a clearly defined brand message.

Let me help you earn more, grow faster and stress less.

Professor Nez is absolutely amazing! Great to work with, very knowledgeable and a lot of fun. I looked at a number of resume writers and brand pros, and he stands out above the rest.
— Tammy Walworth, Director of Business Intelligence


earn more income, increase revenue, generate more leads, sales & awareness with personalized Coaching, Consulting, Online Training & Certified courses, Live Work Shops & speaking Presentations.

Services include: Personal branding, executive career coaching, Strategic Brand Innovation, content marketing, social media Marketing, mindset coaching, Public Speaking, Personal Development & 21st century business strategy.


One thing that comes to mind when I think of Professor Nez- a rare find.

Very few people will get an opportunity to work with a person who values you as a client but also as a person and what you can offer the business world.

Professor Nez invests in the person he is working with. When I first connected with Professor Nez, I knew immediately that this would be an amazing journey where I would learn so much from him. He values the people he develops and he is invested in your future.

He was so prompt on responding to any questions and he values the quality of information that is given. I had questions about a package and he took time to call me and get to know what I was looking for to help me decide which package would benefit me the most. It meant a lot that he got to know me and what I needed. Professor Nez is so personable and values what he can do for a person.

As a client, I was so thrilled with the experience that I received from Professor Nez. He was so thorough with his process and went step by step with me improving what I wanted to say and helped me create a branding strategy for myself. His podcasts, videos and his online courses are immaculate. There is no comparison to how much I have learned and canโ€™t wait to apply in my future.

Professor Nez has so much to offer people and I was lucky enough to see for myself how a mentor can change your view point and show you a clear path to success. His services are worth it. The time he invests in you is so rare to find that I will be recommending him to any person I meet that needs guidance.

Professor Nez has my highest recommendation. He is a personable, relatable and warm person that by working with him, you will learn more about yourself and succeed.
— Kristin Wiseman Recruitment Specialist I Executive Administrative Assistant I People Developer
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