Hello, I'm Professor Nez. 

I'm the luckiest father and husband in the world. My family is my everything. 

I love to inspire and share. It's in my blood, in my DNA, and serving others is the greatest feeling of purpose I have known. 

I'm a storyteller at heart and a huge believer in making a livestream broadcast, a class, a speaking engagement, a consultation, an atmosphere of true transformation anchored in practical, real world tested techniques. 

I'm an early adopter of live video streaming platforms: Twitter Live, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and LinkedIn Video. I host a podcast on iTunes as well as a talk show on Facebook Live titled "#NEZNATION LIVE." 

I have multiple 5 star video courses on marketing, communications, writing, live video streaming, digital storytelling as well as years of experience teaching at the highest levels in higher education. 

I have authored seven books that compliment emotional intelligence, self awareness, communication skills, and critical thinking skills - as well as two volumes of poetry, an anthology of short stories, and hundreds of articles and blogs.

I've been studying, writing, teaching, living, executing and learning my craft for over 28 years. 

I coach and consult individuals, teams, brands, companies, organizations, and businesses on discovering their core identity, amplifying their message, and sharing their story with the world leveraging proven methods and practical tools they can implement today. 

I am available to speak, coach, consult, or conference with you or your team and present evidence based strategies to optimize and communicate your message more effectively to attract and convert your targeted audience.